Simone Schlichting

Simone Schlichting grew up in an artistic family in the Slocan Valley, near Nelson BC, Canada.  She trained under a European Goldsmith and then took those skills into a 15 year museum career as a mountmaker, including at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, BC. There she learned to design and create highly customized metal mounts for artifacts in exhibit.  She continued to develop as a metal worker, while also studying the ancient art styles and techniques of the artifacts she worked with. These continue to influence her in the designs she creates today.

Since 2010 Simone has worked full time as a jewellery artist and sculptor, currently based in the foothills of Alberta. She spends time each year sculpting ice and snow nationally and internationally.

Simone’s work is influenced by Art Nouveau and the natural form, and her passion for horses plays out in many of her designs. Simone pays close attention to the use of lines to create movement and flow in her work, and aims to create pieces that speak of elegance and passion.